About me

I am Adam Toth, a seasoned Solution Architect and Quality Leader with a passion for driving digital transformations and optimizing software solutions. My journey has led me through esteemed organizations, each contributing to my expertise and growth.

At EPAM, I took on the role of Solution Architect and Quality Architect, leading global digital transformations in the Software Defined Network domain. Guiding 11 squads and over 400 experts, I developed and maintained organization-wide Test and Environment Strategies, ensuring quality and infrastructure alignment. I also showcased my performance engineering skills, designing frameworks and strategies for Microservice Architecture projects, while also being an advocate for mentorship and education.

Beyond technical roles, I have thrived as a public speaker at international conferences, sharing insights and knowledge. I've also had the privilege of guest lecturing at academic institutions, contributing to the growth of the next generation of IT professionals.

During my time at Vodafone Hungary, I led diverse teams as a Test Automation Team Leader, optimizing mobile applications and integrating solutions into CI/CD pipelines. As a Lead DevOps/Test Automation Engineer, I enhanced automation and monitoring frameworks for internal development squads, fostering efficiency and best practices.

My experience as a Contractor at United Consult involved recognizing potential business needs and developing automated Test/Health Check Frameworks. This role allowed me to showcase my ability to drive solutions that meet technical and strategic requirements.

Hewlett Packard provided me with an opportunity to excel as a Test and Test Automation Engineer. I introduced new provisioning systems and enhanced operations through API-based tools and integration solutions.

My dedication has not gone unnoticed, as I was honored with the EPAM CEO Award for "EPAM Impact - People Developer." This recognition further fuels my commitment to quality, innovation, and leadership.

My journey has been enriched with a strong mathematical foundation, technical proficiency across various domains, and a commitment to mentorship. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Eötvös Loránd University and have been recognized with certifications and awards that validate my dedication to quality and innovation.

Throughout my career, I have embraced challenges and opportunities, continuously evolving to meet the dynamic demands of the IT landscape.


IT Consultant

Solution / Quality Architect


Professional Skills

Automated Testing
















Change Management

MS Office


Solution Architect








2021 - 2023

Quality Architect


  • Contributions to EPAM Testing Competency Center and EPAM Hungary


  • Resource Manager in EPAM Hungary
  • Guest lecturer at ELTE, PPKE
  • Public speaker of HUSTEF, TestCon, MNDWRK and inside at EPAM.
  • Contribution into Testing Competency Center (5+Presales, Quality Audits, Quality Architect Mentor)
  • Mentor of 10+ test/test automation/performance testing engineers/test managers on various levels from Juniours to Chief level.
  • Career/Skill advisor, Assessment Expert, Technical Interviewer

Public Speakings:

  • HUSTEF 2022: Improve quality by monitoring and observing
  • TestCon 2022: Shift-left vs Shift-right
  • MNDWRK 2022: Increase the efficiency of test automation
  • MNDWRK 2023: Improve quality by monitoring and observing (*Extended)


  • EPAM CEO award: "EPAM Impact - People Developer" award at 2023
  • Quality Architect School graduate at 2022

2022 - 2023

Solution Architect

United Kingdom


  • Digital/Agile transformation in Software Defined Network domain for worldwide-known client (11 Squads/ 400+ FTE) Tasks:
  • Developed and maintained organization level Test Strategy/Environment Strategy (Part of Infrastructure Strategy).
  • Collected Functional, Non-functional requirements and Quality Attributes.
  • Performed "Testing Maturity" and "Quality" Assessments and provided various recommendations for 11 squads.
  • Provided leadership to the entire organisation in terms of Quality, Infrastructure management and presented related visions on Architecture boards and other forums.
  • Leader and initiator of a mid-size up-sale (10-20 FTE). Created Roadmap, Resource Plan, and presented it to organisation + divisional leadership.
  • Provided well-balanced cost and time optimized quality frameworks and acted as a testing coach. Involved in establishing Release/Change Management, tooling and various fields of engineering as an on demand solution designer

2018 - 2021

Test Automation Team Leader/Test Architect


  • New Microservice Architecture based Mobile Application developed in Agile (50+ FTE)


  • Provided leadership to the project in terms of Testing, Test Automation, Performance testing/Optimisation, Application monitoring, Test Environment/Test Data management.
  • Designed and implemented Test Strategy/Performance strategy, test plans and provided training’s to testing team. ( 6 FTE)
  • Developed and supervised automated backend/non-functional/performance test frameworks and integrated them into CICD together with simulated solution.
  • Contributed into Roadmap, presentations. Took part in agile sessions, provided estimations.
  • Continuously monitored efficiency of test/test automation solutions and introduced improvement items items.

2015 - 2021

External Supervisor, Teacher/Mentor


  • External Supervisor at Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem.
  • Writing articles on an internal professional portal.
  • Mentor of 10+ test/test automation/performance testing engineers
  • Technical Interviewer
  • Seasoned problem solver on various fields not limited to testing

2016 - 2020

Solution Architect/PreSales consultant/Developer

Projects/Larger tenders:

  • Automated Test/Health Check Frameworks
  • Performance management tender for digital transformation


  • Recognised the need of a potential Business/Technical Function.
  • Interviewed stakeholders, collected context, requirements and constraints.
  • Developed POC and presented it to stakeholders.
  • Designed and developed the automated solutions including Roadmap, guidelines, code, tests. 
  • Performed presentations and training's and collected feedbacks.
  • Continuously monitored the usage and potential business needs and successfully contributed into upsales.
  • Created various tender documentations

2019 - 2020

Solution Architect/Product Owner


  • Simulation Framework for various applications. (5 FTE)


  • Interviewed Business and Technical stakeholders to understand context, requirements and constraints.
  • Developed POC and created Roadmap and WBS.
  • Interviewed the appropriate engineers and formed them into a development team.
  • Designed a simulator tool and provided leadership and vision for the entire development team.
  • Prepared DEMO sessions and wrote articles about the simulation tool.
  • Supported the transformation of the simulator tool to became a Business service as part of the Digital organisation.

2015 - 2018

Test Environment Expert


  • Digital Transformations: New Webshop/ Mobile Application
  • Upgrade of billing system, portal
  • Decommission of CRM, old webshop
  • GDPR anonymization
  • Business as usual



  • Created, supervised and managed integrated test data/test environment activities
  • Supported projects, releases and production issues on production and test environments as well. Implemented, designed, developed and maintained automated test frameworks and operation tools.
  • Acted as a single point of contact of the operation during UAT test phases.
  • Kept in touch with vendors, testing, management, operation teams and created management reports.




  • Developed, tested, optimized, controlled and maintained an automated module testing system. 
  • Created management reports.


2009 - 2013



Hungary, Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem