The SEON journey has been unstoppable. 40 months in and we have grown from 2 to 180+ SEON Fraud Fighters, across Budapest, London, Austin, and Jakarta. With more hubs opening up in San Francisco, Singapore, we are on a mission to create a Fraud Free World. We raised Series A in March 2021 and were featured in TechCrunch as the largest A round for Hungary and now are recognised as the World’s quickest growing fraud prevention company. We are proud to continue to grow at pace, both in terms of helping the best online businesses and democratizing fraud-fighting!

Job offers

Software Engineer

Lead Software Engineer - Java (Scoring Team)

Java, Spring, Cloud, AWS

#English  #Java  #Spring  #Cloud  #AWS  

Backend Development

Senior Java Developer(AI Team)

Spring, AWS, Docker, CI/CD

#Spring  #AWS  #Docker  #CI/CD  

Fullstack Development

Lead Full Stack Engineer

Full stack Development, Javascript, NodeJS, React Native, Team leader

#Full stack Development  #Javascript  #NodeJS  #React Native  #Team leader  


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